Dovey Magnum Celebrates Valentine’s Day With ‘JuJu’ Video

To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020, rising dancehall star Dovey Magnum delivers the music video for her single, “JuJu,” a term used to promote confidence in a lady’s private parts.

“Juju” originally appeared as a focus track on VP Records Reggae Gold 2019. The single has since been streamed and downloaded by thousands and has become a staple term.

About the song, Dovey states, “Well the inspiration behind the record, you know at the end of the day, the juju is the magical part of the body, the female body. In terms of the visual, the visual is a sensual feeling, where everything is about that holding. It’s like saying, the way I hold you, you will be in heaven, I even send Angels down,” Dovey concludes.

The accompanying music video, directed by Isha Dipika Walia and filmed in NYC, features Dovey and other females dressed as angels but doing some sensual and freaky moves.

Dovey Magnum is also known for the dancehall hit, “Bawl Out.”

Photo by Karston Tannis/ @skinnywashere

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