WAGNN Podcast EP 5: Expectations in a Relationship (Part 2)

The impact of multiple partners on your child can have lasting effects in the home, school, and life. In episode 5, the WAGNN team continues where they left off in episode 4 by discussing single people with children and the rules of engagement, a necessity to consider when it involves children. Such practices include talking about your dating life with your children, or do you discuss it at all?

The rules of engagement with children range from vetting your significant other before a formal introduction to discussing disciplinary action within your family. When do you apply child support? Can a person utilize child support unlawfully? As parents, the decisions you make will affect your child and exposes them to negative behavior and thinking styles.

WAGNN also tackles dysfunctional relationships, dysfunctional thinking, and the impact of broken relationships when children are involved. Do the old rules apply in today’s society? Do some of us set ourselves up for failure within our relationships based on selfish decisions? WAGNN also examines pressures in relationships because of children, or what others want for you.

This episode brings to light behaviors that have been practiced for many years so much that creating dysfunctional relationships is an automatic thought. WAGNN is shedding light on such relationships with the hope that our audience can make insightful decisions leading to positive outcomes.

We challenge you to open your ears and thoughts while expanding your knowledge and understanding of people, situations, and cultures. Please leave your comments below; good, bad, or indifferent, we welcome all opinions and feedback.

We hope you enjoy listening!

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WAGNN Podcast EP 5: Expectations in a Relationship (Part 2)

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