Haitian Writer & Director Wanly Florexile’s ‘The Consequence’ Featured on Amazon

Independent filmmaker Wanly Florexile, is showcasing his versatility as an actor, director, and producer in his project The Consequence. The Brooklyn based Haitian talent delivers a powerfully poetic story about a struggling farmer from Haiti struggling to assimilate in America for the motion picture that is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch the trailer: The Consequence Trailer

The Consequence explores variance in lifestyle and culture as the main character, Dave, tries to navigate trouble. As a farmer in a poverty stricken town his struggle is the basis of the movie. His wife’s death adds to the suspense,and the mysterious voodoo priest’s involvement fuels the fire. Dave sees this as an opportunity to escape into the United States, with so little to work with, the story-line in effect depicts an immigrant man faced with a dangerous reality. Everyone who knows about this struggle will relate to The Consequence, especially within the Caribbean community.

Watch the movie: The Consequence on Amazon Prime Video

Wanly’s breakout film, Brooklyn Fever, helped define his career and knack for including flashbacks and zoom-ins throughout his body of work. Most recently his movie Love Is Blind released to select audiences, namely film festivals is based on his life story a modern-day Romeo and Juliet re-imagined as an urban thriller. For all the latest straight from the source, stay tuned to Wanly Florexile on Instagram @wanlee101.

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