Jackie’s Boy Releases “Do It Again” Ft Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman

Accomplished singer and songwriter Jackie’s Boy joint forces with music legend Shawn Stockman (of Boyz II Men) for the sensual and intoxicating new single, “Do It Again.” On the record, 4 Time Grammy-Nominated Songwriter and ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Winner spice up bedrooms with stirring vocals and heartstrings-pulling melodies.

When asked about the inspiration for the record he stated, “I wanted to make something unique and progressive for R&B lovers. I emailed a rough version of the song to Shawn to check out. He came to the studio and said: “Where’s that song you sent me?” I knew exactly what he was talking about. He recorded his verse in 10 minutes! I was extremely impressed and blown away I was working with a true legend. I think this record feels different than others because it speaks to both new R&B lovers and classic R&B lovers alike.”

Carlos Battey, artistically known by his stage name Jackie’s Boy, has written hits for Madonna, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gil, Jay Sean, Becky G, Jake Miller, Bruno Mars, Flo-rida and Chris Brown. His first big break was with Flo-rida and his first Grammy came with working with Madonna.

When asked what inspired him to become an artist, he said it was his near-death experience that made him realize how short life could be.

He stated, “I had started to get a lot of headaches – they were bad. I initially thought it was my wisdom teeth but it wasn’t. After having an X-Ray a large tumor was found, growing on the inside of my jaw. It turns out that the cancer was an unusual kind known as Ameloblaseoma (it’s so rare, in fact, that it accounts for less than one percent of the worlds tumors – Ed.) I decided to go to Miami after finding a great surgeon and I had a 3-month recovery instead of the one-year recovery being quoted in LA. I believe that experience led me to understand the true meaning of having just one life, just one voice and I realized that, whilst writing for others is great financially it was time to create music as an artist. I actually made a pact with God that I would never take those gifts for granted again.”

Jackie’s Boy is destined has his sights set on superstar status.

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