Kelly Rowland Celebrates Black Beauty in “Coffee” Video

Kelly Rowland celebrates black beauty, especially those with “Coffee” complexion, in the music video for her sensual new single. In the tantalizing visual, directed by Steven Gomillion, the multiple Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and various dark-skin models show off their gorgeous bodies in a mixture of swimsuits.

“I want to celebrate the women in video—every shade, every coffee color, every curve, every essence and what they gave me,” Rowland told ESSENCE. “My intention I set for the video was to take the light in yourself and your sexuality [and put it in] a God perspective, in a way where you don’t have to get any approval from anybody else.”

Rowland continues: “Sometimes when women stand in our own sexuality, without approval from any external source, I think that there comes a different perspective, a different outlook, a different feeling, and usually we don’t even realize we’re doing it, but I think society has kind of made it that way, especially with the Black woman.”

“I just wanted the video to come across like, ‘Here we are standing in all of our beauty, in all of our coffee colored shades, in all of our greatness and you going to take this in,’ Rowlands adds about the clip, which she said was shot before the coronavirus shutdown. “And that’s what I wanted and that’s what I want every woman to feel like. So that was my intention, and to be honest, I was hungry for too much of that video.”

It’s safe to say Rowland represented the essence of black women’s skin color, hair, and body frame.

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