Missy Elliott’s ‘Cool Off’ Party in a Museum is Creative AF

Creativity lives in Missy Elliott! The hip hop pioneer has always raised the bar when it comes to pushing the culture forward, and her latest music video for “Cool Off” is a reminder of her artistic greatness.

When she spits, “Missy in this bitch doing shit you ain’t never seen,” as a fan, affirmations are all that comes to mind. In the colorful Daniel Russell-directed clip, the rap legend delivers thought-provoking lyrics while eclectic dancers turn all the way up. From artistic customs to 90s-inspired outfits, Missy and her peoples transform a museum into a pulsating club with lights and pop-art backgrounds. Closer to the end of the video, Teyana Taylor appears, reprising her museum guide role from Elliott’s “DripDemeanor” video.

“That’s what’s wrong with you kids now; y’all don’t get it… I done sat here and talked about the greatest, the most timeless woman of all time, and you sitting here asking me about a party,” Taylor says in the clip as she schools a young girl.

Elliott’s “Cool Off” clip follows videos for Iconology’s “Why I Still Love You,” “DripDemeanor” featuring Sum1, and “Throw it Back.”

“Cool Off” is featured on Elliott’s 2019 EP, ICONOLOGY

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