Move Incredible Podcast EP 3: Ft. JaXon

Episode three (3) of the Move Incredible Podcast hits on a bunch of items surrounding identity. According to the Dictionary, identity is who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that make them different from others. This description includes race, sex, neighborhood, and sometimes artistic branding. It is who you classify as, which is a definition left to the individual. In this episode, JusMusic and Ms. Simone converse with the intellectual savvy and independent R&B artist JaXon about matters relating to identity, especially as a recording artist.

JaXon, formerly known as Bryan J, offers his candid experience with identity as it relates to artistic branding and who he is today. JaXon provides down-home fused anecdotes to drive his point. We also talked with JaXon about the state of music in the pandemic and novice ideas to support artists and their craft. With the current pandemic, many people will need to create more ideas to produce something different to keep their work alive.

With change, we all have to figure out how to get through our new way of living. The MI team and JaXon exchange new lessons learned when life is altered. With that said, how does JaXon Move Incredible; he gives insight on how he supports his family and community on a consistent basis.

Episode 3 concludes with a quick croon from JaXon of “A Change is Gone Come,” and sound some advice from JusMusic and Ms. Simone about taking care of yourself and your health.

Lock in to hear what the MI team and JaXon have prepared. If you are in the mood for conscience vibes, good conversation, and a place to Move Incridible…you are in the right place!

Listen to “Revenge” by JaXon

I embrace my identity.

I accept that the person I am is the person I am meant to be. My circumstances, physical appearance and personality are all part of the divine plan of my Creator. I love the person I am.

When I am faced with negative circumstances, I steadfastly avoid feeling discouraged. Instead, I use the positive virtues I am blessed with to deal with the situation and come out victorious.

I realize that there may sometimes be others around me who dislike me, for whatever reason. Even so, I am satisfied with knowing that I am the best me I can be.

My body and facial features may be different than what society deems flawless, but I am exactly how I should be, so I embrace my physical appearance as well.

I live according to my own decisions, based on my own circumstances, rather than what others expect of me. I recognize that it is impossible to always live up to the expectations of others and be at peace at the same time.

Today, I commit to loving myself just the way I am. Even when others want me to fit into a certain mold, I remain unmoved. I feel certain that I am the way I should be.

Move Incredible Podcast EP 3: Ft. JaXon
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