Move Incredible Podcast EP 4: #YouAintSmart

In episode four (4) of the Move Incredible Podcast, co-host JusMusic and Ms. Simone introduce the #YouAintSmart campaign. This topic provides a platform to discuss the impact of opinions on social media and how our emotions drive our behavior and responses.

During the show, JusMusic & Ms. Simone illustrate how trending topics can stimulate emotions and how we work through those emotions online.

The headline from The Breakfast Club interview with Charlamagne tha God and Joe Biden is a sensitive and controversial topic that rubbed many people wrong! Charlemagne’s poised demeanor and the ability to correct Joe Biden after the statement, “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” showed intellectual discipline.

This interview received a lot of traction because of the current state of black and minority communities. Move Incredible wants to bring this conversation out to help us understand that taking to Social Media to vent without any action doesn’t change our circumstances; it is only your opinion. The discussion brings us back to how we can move incredible in our communities and empower us to be change agents wherever we are.


Lastly, Jus and Ms. Simone provide some tips to help you establish ways to educate yourself on topics that are unknown yet important to your well being. Complaining and not voting are ways that defeat the purposes and do not give meaning to the martyrs of past and present times. The duo shouts out some individuals that are Moving Incredible based on their words and actions. Shaun King and Bruce Franks, Jr.: both gentlemen have used their social media and actions to facilitate change in their community and the world.

The #YouAintSmart campaign isn’t about those that may not have completed a formal education. The ability to think comes from you having a yearning desire to want more for yourself. Ask questions like, does this sound right? Where can I learn more about this? What is this saying to me? These questions force you to challenge others and yourself to find and get the truth.

Move Incredible Podcast EP 4: #YouAintSmart
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