Move Incredible Podcast EP 1: Motives

Here is a dynamic dosage of music, love, entrepreneurship, and just good conversation. In the Move Incredible (MI) Podcast, you will hear the voices of various guests as we discuss urban music, culture, lifestyle, and current events that are related to societal times from a Generation X point of view.

In the first episode, MI host Jus Music and Mrs. Simone discuss motives and how it affects music. Do motives influence creativity? Listen to the duo as they explain some motives behind music.

Artistry propels others to reinvent themselves continuously. Does reinvention of oneself cause a person to re-evaluate the purposes that thy create music? Do their motives change?

Positive motives at this time can play a significant role in an artist’s career. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, motives will also create an avenue for those to make music. MI podcast continues to encourage artists to make informed decisions to put out creative works or “classics.”

Jus and Simone then transcend to motives within interpersonal relationships. Motives and intent are foundational tools in understanding how you receive communicative messages. Misunderstanding such messages affect friendships and business partnerships. Are you able to read the messages? In this conversation, MI challenges you to pay attention to people’s motives in your life, politics, relationships, and employment.

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Move Incredible Podcast EP 1: Motives
Move Incredible

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