Move Incredible Podcast EP 2: Ft. Guordan Banks

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Episode two of the Move Incredible podcast features an open conversation with talented R&B singer, songwriter, and producer, Guordan Banks. Hosted by Jus Music and Simone G., discussions include topics like the Coronavirus, giving back, the current life situation for many artists, and of course, details about Guordan’s latest studio album, ‘Blood on the Vinyl.’

“This album is really going to have its moment this year. I released it last year, but I knew that the album would take time because that’s just my journey… I understand how important patience is,” Guordan says about the project.

Guordan also spoke candidly about his Mirror Musician Fund and trying to help the struggling musicians and artists, especially due to hardship caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It only resonates with me because I’ve been there,” he said. “As an artist, as a writer, there’s been many nights where I didn’t have a place to lay my head. There’s many nights where I barely had food to eat; [there are] nights where I didn’t eat at all. So to understand where the industry is and how the industry works; you see a lot of producers and a lot of artists…when Live Nation and all touring entities shut down completely, [the people] that rely on these services, what are they gonna do?”

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Move Incredible Podcast EP 2: Ft. Guordan Banks
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