Rap Star Jeezy is Ready For Marriage! How Did He Get Here? How Do You Know When Your Ready?

You have been with your partner for a while now, it feels right, so how do you know if you’re ready for marriage?

Rap superstar Jeezy knew it was time after recently proposing to his girlfriend, The Real host Jeannie Mai. The couple has been together for over a year after first meeting in November 2018 with both sharing their happiness. “Life is amazing; She’s amazing too, by the way,” Jeezy said, while Mai added, “Getting to know Jay, you guys know him as Jeezy, has been one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.”

It’s not possible to be 100% sure of anything, but Jeezy seems to be in the right headspace, and he made sure to show his love in his proposal to Mai. According to People, he originally planned to pop the question during their April trip to Vietnam, which had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the “I Luv It” rapper decided to bring a taste of Vietnam to his home with a special date night.

“Jay decided to bring Vietnam to Jeannie with a surprise quarantine date night in his home filled with Vietnamese food and decor,” Mai’s reps told the People.

Fundamental Component: Jeezy took his time to find his bride. He probably had the choice of many, yet he chose Jeannie Mae. From this view, this amazing couple had experiences of knowing what they don’t want. With maturity comes mature thinking and self-reflection about one’s wants but, most importantly, one’s needs. At this level, games are over, and you are looking for something real or tangible. Jeezy and Jeannie have aligned themselves with one another in a mature state of mind filled with love, compassion, understanding, and the ability to see one another. The recipe for a great path to marriage.

Any decision will include some level of risk, but you can improve your predictive accuracy greatly with a few questions and a little introspection. Obviously, care and love are feelings that impact us all differently but considering the below steps could help you walk down the aisle someday soon.

A little caution can save you a lot of grief. Just because your partner is the greatest thing since sliced bread doesn’t mean that you’re ready to be married. Take a look at the things that really matter before making this important decision. Be sure you’re ready for marriage.

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1. Your partner is supportive and encouraging. Life can be a cold and lonely place if you try to tackle it alone. Who do you call when you’re having a tough day or who supports and encourages all your endeavors? Not all spouses turn out to be supportive and encouraging, but these are important qualities. If your partner provides these two things, you might have a keeper on your hands.

2. Your partner doesn’t need to be saved. Good people have the urge to help others but be careful. You’re asking for trouble if you marry someone that needs to be saved by you. Whether they have emotional, substance abuse, or financial issues, it’s best to be cautious.

3. You understand that a marriage isn’t always fun and requires work. You’re not ready for marriage if you believe it’s going to be easy. Sharing your life with someone day in and day out has its ups and downs. Expect to face some challenges along the way.

4. Your primary motivation is love. Are you marrying because you’re in love? Not everyone marries primarily for love. Some people marry to have children, for financial security, or because all their friends are married. Why are you interested in marrying your partner? Love is cool and all, but there needs to be more ingredients for a marriage to work.

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5. Your needs for sex and affection are met. How much affection and physical intimacy do you require to be happy? Is your partner happy with that, too?

6. You’re able to solve disagreements effectively. There will be disagreements. Think back to your biggest fight with your partner. How did you both handle it? Were you both satisfied with the eventual outcome? Having some certainty that you can resolve any arguments peacefully and effectively is a very positive sign!

7. You trust your partner. You can’t have emotional comfort without trust. This doesn’t only mean that you believe your partner won’t cheat on you. It also means that you can take your partner at their word. You can trust that they’ll handle their responsibilities. Do they do what they say they’re going to do?

8. You’re compatible. This means you have the same long-term goals. It also means that you can live together. There are three types of couples that commonly struggle:

– One partner is introverted and the other extroverted. One person is bored, or the other is stressed and miserable. It’s hard for both to be happy at the same time.

– One person likes to spend money and the other likes to save.

– One is a slob and the other is extremely clean.

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