S.O. Makes Us Feel Loved With ‘Headwrap Diaries’ Video

If this music video doesn’t do something to your soul then you’re not human… or maybe you’re just soulless.

Hip Hop artist S.O. partners with headwrap company and lifestyle brand Fanm Djanm to produce his new visual, “Headwrap Diaries,” and it’s beautiful in so many ways.

“Headwrap Diaries” is a heartwarming serenade to S.O.’s wife Sophia and the beauty and symbolism of her hair adornments. “She looks amazing in it, so I wanted to write about my experience as a husband of a Black woman who wore headwraps,” says the Nigeria-born artist who was raised in London and moved to San Antonio in 2016. “As I started writing it, I realized that the experiences I wrote about in the song were not only my wife’s but all women who wear headwraps.”

The accompanying music video, directed by Fanm Djanm founder and creative director Paola Mathé, captures beauty, family, love, strength, and togetherness. “Our first thought was to partner with someone who understood the vision and had the same passion for the song as much as we did and we found that in Fanm Djanm,” S.O. says about working with Fanm Djanm. “Not only are their products amazing but what they stand for is even greater.”

“As soon as I heard the song, I wanted to be involved,” adds Mathé. “I didn’t want Fanm Djanm to just be the sponsor. I wanted to bring the words to life. I felt like S.O. was speaking to me and maybe even my audience. It felt like an anthem, a song you play to get ready to go out. A song you play while taking a bath. A song you play while watering your plants and watching your toddler try to stuff as many dolls into one basket. A song you play to release.”

You don’t have to be African to feel the love, and the clip should at least make you smile. The video features beautiful models of all ages rocking the adoring headwraps in wonderfully styled scenes rich in color and elegance. Much of the wardrobe is provided by Studio 189, a clothing company owned by actress Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah, and features respected models Diandra Forrest, Tatiana Cooper, and Aluoch Catherine as well as the song’s muse, Sophia Otukpe, who is joined by her and S.O.’s daughter Sade-Rose.

“I wanted to show all types of beauty and strength,” Mathé says. “It was important for me to show different generations, skin tones, and afro hair texture in such a beautiful, natural way.” Mathé was also happy to collaborate with other Black creatives (film crew, makeup artist, stylist) for the video. “I reached out to my brilliant friend, Al Malonga, a professional stylist and set/costume designer to join me. The clothes were provided by Black-owned brands. The art was from several Black artists. Even the house we shot in belongs to a Black artist in Brooklyn.”

Having S.O.’s wife in the video was a no-brainer. “It was only right to have Sophia in the video as it was originally written for her,” S.O. says. “She was also very instrumental with the rollout of my album — from coming up with the cover to music video concepts.” The video also reveals the gorgeous face of S.O. and Sophia’s daughter Sade Rose for the first time. “It felt like the right time,” he says. “‘You going to teach those skills to my baby’ is one of the lines in the song. So it felt organic to have her in it too. Music is a family affair.”

“Headwrap Diaries” appears on S.O.’s fifth album, Augustine’s Legacy, released in September 2019.

Launched in 2014, with offices in New York and Austin, Fanm Djanm celebrated its sixth anniversary on April 12. Fanm Djanm has transformed into a headwrap collection and lifestyle brand that serves to both empower and inspire women to live boldly. Fanm Djanm encourages women to wear a bold print, take command of a room, laugh a little too loudly, and pursue their greatest goals.

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