Spice Pays Homage to Vintage Styles in Sexy “Rolling” Video

Dancehall veteran and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Spice turns a casual party into a whine fest in the music video for her new single, “Rolling.”

On the track, Spice recites braggadocious lyrics over an upbeat and rhythmic Caribbean production, making for a feel-good vibe. The visual features multiple scenes that pay homage to vintages style and eras of various cultures. The themes of en vogue, Marylin Monroe, Dream Girls, naturalistic wilderness, American vintage pixie doll, classic dancehall, and royalty are present through each separate scene.

Spice has been making moves as of late. She opened a new restaurant in Atlanta called “Spice House” and she launched the makeup line called “Piano Palette,” which is a reflection of her love for cosmetics and music.

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