Wale Flips The White and Black Perspective in “Sue Me” Video

To say Wale’s music video for “Sue Me” is powerful would be an understatement.

In his new seven-minute short film, the Washington D.C. artist paints a vivid picture of the socio-economical struggles faced by Black Americans. In delivering the powerful his message, the talented rapper tells the story through the lens of White Americans as he 1) shows that he is pro-black and 2) gives a peak of “what if the shoe was on the other foot.”

The GRAMMY® Award-nominated rapper/actor/poet recruited renowned designer and creative director Kerby Jean-Raymond for the surreal clip that depicts an alternate reality of how Black Americans are normally treated. The inner city narrative follows a struggling white teen, played by Oscar nominee Lucas Hedges [Manchester By The Sea, Honey Boy, Waves], who sees life on the other side for the first time. Reimagining brand names, a “White People Meet” billboard watches over the sprawl as the protagonist visits a “Morebucks Coffee” only to be forcibly escorted out as Wale films the reversed racial profiling on his phone. All the stereotypes of Black Americans like being in prison, including dying in jail from Coronavirus, and being harassed in society take center stage. It’s a thought-provoking and painstaking climax of the Black American struggle.


Wale stated about the video: “What if you could walk through a day in the life of an average African American young man? What would you see? What would you hear? What would you face? We wanted to redefine the whole narrative and allow everybody to step into these shoes. I’ve never been more proud of a video than what we did here. Kerby really brought this vision to life, and Reebok helped make it a reality. I hope it makes you think a little. While you’re thinking, stay safe and stay home!”

“Sue Me,” featuring R&B singer Kelly Price, appears on Wale’s sixth studio album, Wow… That’s Crazy, released in October 2019.

Now, this is how you #MoveIncredible. Whatever talents we are blessed with, there are always ways to use it to impact the lives of others. Wale is brilliant and this video is monumental.


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